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Can We Improve your Corrugated Packaging?

You may already have a stock of corrugated packaging for sending out your products, but could we provide something better? If you’ve opted for an off-the-shelf option, you may have found cheap packaging, but is it fit for purpose? We won’t be able to offer a cheaper...

Man holding a cardboard box

Supplier V Manufacturer

When you search for a box company, you will come across suppliers and manufacturers. As an established box manufacturer, we want to highlight what we can offer that you won’t get from a supplier. Bespoke Packaging With expertise and technology at hand, we can design and manufacture...

Expanding our Horizons

If you were travelling from Birmingham to Aylesbury on Sunday, you may have passed a wide load. A convoy of three trucks were transporting a large die cut machine to our factory; we hope it didn’t cause any delays to your journey. What is Die Cutting? As...

First Impressions Count

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. It’s one of the reasons we wear a suit and shine our shoes before an interview. Sometimes we’re keen to impress before someone has walked through the door. Kerb appeal is the phrase used to...

Damaged Goods, Damaged Reputation

How bespoke e-commerce packaging can make all the difference to online shoppers Promotions, product launches, discounts, there are many ways to encourage shoppers to make a purchase during Black Friday week. Has your e-commerce received a record number of orders? Hopefully the pickers, packers and despatchers are...

The Perfect Fit: Bespoke Packaging

Have you ever been confused when receiving a delivery? You thought you ordered a relatively small product but a large cardboard box is handed over; surely this bulky package can’t be what you are expecting. On opening it, you discover the item you ordered surrounded by...

Packaging and Shipping Challenge

You’ve invested in an online business and are busy building your brand reputation, creating desirable items and celebrating a good order coming in. You can’t imagine your customers feeling anything but delight. They’re going to be writing rave reviews, recommending you to their friends and...