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New modes of transport will demand smaller, lightweight packaging, which doesn’t compromise on protection or strength.
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Innovations in Parcel Delivery

Innovations in Parcel Delivery

The rise of online shopping has certainly reduced footfall in the UK’s High Streets. This in turn has reduced the volume of shoppers travelling to town and city centres. Unfortunately, the shift in consumer behaviour hasn’t solved the congestion problem, as delivery vans are bringing e-commerce goods to the doorstep.

The last mile is the most tricky, expensive and time consuming part of the process. City centre traffic jams and parking restrictions are a daily challenge for delivery drivers, whilst drops to remote destinations can prove an inefficient use of time and resources.

Investing in Alternatives

E-commerce sellers have to invest in alternatives to van deliveries. Click and collect is one option that reduces the ‘last mile’ issue, as are the lockers that are now a feature of many shopping centres. If customers can make their way to a local store or post office, this can be an effective solution, but are there alternatives?

Automated Delivery

Amazon has been investigating the possibilities of drone delivery. Currently in the research and development stage, the company hopes that it’s ‘Prime Air Vision’ service could revolutionise the delivery of goods.

Bringme is utilising smart technology to improve delivery services. Launched in Belgium and the Netherlands, but now available in the UK, Bringme boxes can be used in conjunction with the app to simplify the delivery (and returns) process. Bringme is also exploring robot delivery options; small, automated pavement vehicles that deliver to your door.

Travel by Bus

To tackle the congestion issue in London, bus operator Go-Ahead is in discussions regarding delivery services on the city’s bus service. With established routes running through the day and night, we could see parcels joining passengers on route across the capital. Combining bus service with localised cycle couriers, or bus stop lockers, could offer a viable solution.

Robust, yet Lightweight Packaging

To make it viable for home deliveries to be transported by bike, robot or drone, consideration has to be given to the packaging. The use of unnecessarily large boxes already presents a problem in terms of cost, storage and waste. New modes of transport will demand smaller, lightweight packaging, which doesn’t compromise on protection or strength.

For the vast majority of e-commerce goods, single wall corrugated cardboard is a cost effective, rigid and lightweight packaging material. If manufactured into boxes that best suit the dimension of the products, it also eliminates the need for costly and weighty fillers.

There’s no need to wait until your goods can be delivered by drone. Investing in bespoke packaging design and manufacture offers many benefits for online retailers. Get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company to find out more about our ecommerce packaging solutions.

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