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Shelf ready packaging has been designed to serve a dual purpose; to protect the goods during transportation and also provide an appealing shelf display.
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Cutting Retail Costs

Cutting Retail Costs

Do you delight in the opportunity to complete your grocery shopping at a self-service checkout? Personally I prefer to wait in a queue to be served by a person, but many people are happy to do it themselves.

Automated processes

Like it or not, automation is increasingly influencing our shopping experience. With the minimal wage increases, it has become cheaper to invest in technology than people. What’s more, the rise in online shopping has made the majority of consumers tech savvy. We increasingly value the convenience, speed and efficiency that technology offers.

If we want prices to remain competitive in our supermarkets and retail outlets, something has to give. That something is wages. If there are fewer employees to run a store, there needs to be cost effective solutions to make it possible for those remaining employees to get the job done. Not all developments require high tech solutions.

Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf ready packaging isn’t a technological solution, but it does minimise the time and effort that retail staff have to spend on shelf stacking. Also known as Retail Ready Packaging (RRP), these boxes have been designed to serve a dual purpose. They protect the goods during transportation and also provide an appealing mini shelf display.

Most commonly made from corrugated cardboard, this form of retail packaging is typically printed and branded in an eye catching way. Shelf ready packaging also includes perforations, which make it easy for staff to easily tear open the box and reveal the contents in a consistent way.

Advantages of Shelf Ready Packaging

  • With a strong design, the shelf ready box can attract the attention of the consumer and influence buying decisions. As such, it can boost sales.
  • Shelf ready packaging makes it quick and easy to move stock onto the shelf without the need for unpacking.
  • With a fixed size box for each product, it’s easy to restock empty boxes without disrupting the entire shelf display.
  • Tear strips and perforations negate the need for sharp tools to open the packages. This removes a workplace hazard and minimises the risk of damaged stock.
  • With set quantities inside each box, stock taking can be largely automated.

As more retailers are seeking ways to keep costs down, the demand for automation, point of sale technology and shelf ready packaging is increasing. We can only begin to wonder at the developments that we’ll see in future years, but for now efficiency and cost are the priority for retailers.

What changes would you like to see in your local store?

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